Benefit Of Foot Massage

   The following are benefit of foot massage at XINH NGUYEN SPA

  1. Improve Blood Circulation

Foot massage is well known to
improve blood circulation throughout the body. Improved blood circulation is
very crucial since it leads to a better, efficient oxygenation of cells and
also enables quick recovery especially after an injury or a workout.

  • Stress release

 Foot massage done at
least twice per week at XINH NGUYEN SPA will help relieve stress and
depression. So if you are undergoing stress this is a perfect stress reliever
and generally good for your health.

  • Helps control Blood pressure

 Although foot massage may not effectively cure
high blood pressure permanently it will go along the way it lowering systolic blood
pressure. It does this because foot massage helps to reduce stress and help to

  • Improves Nerve Sensitivity

Another benefit of having a foot
massage at XINH NGUYEN SPA is that it will improve nerve sensitivity especially
to individuals who have diminished nerve function.I.e individuals who have been
diagnosed with diabetes or hypertension have chances that the complications
were due to neuropathy which is caused by loss of sensation in various parts of
the body especially arms and legs. Foot massage helps to stimulate reflex
points located at the bottom of your feet. This message will also improve blood
circulation which revives the sensitivity of nerves in the body.

  • Helps Promote Sleep

This massage due to their ability
to improve the functionality of the nervous system, then the neurotransmitters
usually help to promote sleep and also enables relaxation as night approaches.
This foot massage will help restore normal circadian rhythm which will give
better sleep.

  • Improves Liver Function

Anything which one feeds on
absolutely will require to pass through the liver for processing before it
enters systematic blood circulation. Due to this reason, the liver has to
endure the frequent beating and thus it will require some support to function
optimally at all times. Having foot massage will help to reset elevated liver
enzymes and also makes sure that substances are metabolized in the required

  • Treatment For Migraines And Headaches

Many people in the world suffer
from intractable migraines and headache and rush to have medicines which
usually have various side effects. However, foot massage will enable reduce
pain which is associated with migraines by reducing the impact of the hormone
cortisol in the blood vessels the foot massage will also reduce muscular many instances, a headache occurs as a result of high stress or even
lack of enough sleep which this foot massage helps to control successfully.

  • Speeds Up The Healing Of Wounds

Foot massage has the ability to
improve blood circulation which subsequently improves a nervous system that
jointly improves the immune system which will now help to heal any wounds
within a very short time and enable you to get back to your daily routine. 

  • Treatment of Arthritis 

Many people would advise you not
to have foot massage when having arthritis but the truth is that this message
will help to reduce the pain which you could have experienced. Individuals who
have foot massage routinely research shows that it helps to reduce the painful
symptoms and this means that the less need for medication.  

Conclusion From the above, it is
evident that foot massage at XINH NGUYEN SPA has many health benefits and
reduce your stress.




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