Benefits Of Body Massage


     Massaging is the rubbing and kneading of muscles and skin. It involves applying pressure and the manipulation of the muscles with your hands. More often, you will find the masseuse or masseur using their elbows or even their feet. You are always looking forward to your massage appointments because maybe they make you feel relaxed, energized or they alleviate the tension in your back. Whatever the reason, you know you love it.

     Recent studies show that a regular massage keeps the body working at its most favorable levels. A full body massage comes with a plethora of benefits, both physically and psychologically. Below are some of the interesting benefits of a body massage.


    Stress reduction is of utmost importance for living a healthy lifestyle. Massaging helps with stress relief. Researchers found that after people were massaged, the levels of cortisol in their body decreased. Cortisol is a hormone that contributes to stress. This enables the body to enter some sort of recovery mode. Also, massaging triggers lasting feelings of improved mood as well as reduced stress levels.


    As your skin gets rubbed during massages, the dead skin is removed from your whole body leaving you with an improved skin tone. Receiving regular massages also leads to an improved blood circulation. This increased blood flow improves the appearance and health of your skin.  Massages are known to induce tissue regeneration which lessens the appearance of stretch marks and scars alike. The massage oil used also has a huge effect on your skin. There are some that provide moisturizing and other skin benefits.


    As I had mentioned earlier, massaging triggers the lasting feelings of improved mood and relaxation. It helps the body enter a state of rest that lasts long after receiving the massage. Massages make you feel good mentally. It also helps treat depression and anxiety. Researchers said that massaging increases the production of serotonin and dopamine which are also known as feel-good hormones.


    Regular body massages provide the body with lots of benefits. Among them is that it can boost the body’s immune system. Massages stimulate the lymphatic system which plays a vital role in protecting the human body.     It is known that people with stress fall sick often compared to those without. Using massage as a way to reduce stress has an indirect impact on your immune system.


    Massages increase your brain activity. Regular massage sessions stimulate your brain functions as well as increasing your concentration. It also balances your emotions.


    People who get frequent massages found that it helps reduce headaches. Mostly, headaches are linked to stress and massaging helps reduce stress which will, in turn, relieve you of the pain caused by the headaches.


     As we grow older, our joints tend to shrink which limits our movements. Frequent massages help keep your joints fluid which makes them more flexible. Massages also make you less susceptible to strains.


     Most people experience back and neck pains all which are caused by poor posture. During a massage, your body relaxes and your muscles loosen. This allows your body to re-position itself in a healthy pain-free posture. Massages strengthen your bones and muscles which will improve your posture.


     Most people have high blood pressure which may lead to fatal illnesses like stroke and heart attack. Recent studies found that people who received regular massages lowered their blood pressure compared to those who did not get any.


     Through tissue regeneration and increased blood circulation, massaging may help you get back on your feet after a surgery. It also reduces swelling after surgery through muscle relaxation and improved joint movement.

      Apart from body massage. there is also cupping therapy that has plenty of benefits as well. There are two different types of cupping, dry and wet. The cups are made of glass, bamboo, earthenware or silicone. This type of therapy involves a therapist who will create a vacuum in the cups using a rubber pump or fire, and then place the cup upside down on your skin for up to three minutes. This will cause your skin to rise and redden due to the expansion of your blood vessels. Some of the benefits of cupping therapy are:  Reduces pain  Increases blood flow  Helps you relax  It acts like a deep tissue massage.



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