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White Bath Body at Xinh Nguyen Spa-Da Nang

Meta description: Relieve stress and unwind in our world-class spa in Da Nang. Xinh Nguyen Spa offers you a relaxing white bath body service today.
Are you looking for a way to relax and rejuvenate in Vietnam?

Xinh Nguyen Spa is a leading health and wellness center in the heart of Da Nang Vietnam. Open daily from 9 am to 10 pm, we offer a range of spa services. Take advantage of our saunas, body massages, foot massages, waxing and white bath body service. 

What does a white bath body service involve?
This is a service which involves getting into a steam room for a good-old-fashioned steaming session. Steaming is very beneficial as it helps open the body’s pores and get rid of any accumulated toxins and waste products. Aston University in the UK proved that steaming was indeed a great way to clear the skin, relieve tension, remove toxins, reduce stress, open sinuses, while promoting a healthy blood flow.

Next you’ll have your entire body scrubbed clean. We are talking about exfoliating the entire body and removing any and all dead skin cells to leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Our scrubbing method is gentle while getting the job done. Rest assured your scrub will not leave you with any blistering skin.

This is then followed by a rinse to get rid of all the chaffed skin. After that we will apply cream that is infused with essential oils to soothe your skin and leave it smelling great. We will rub in the cream in gentle circular motions. This is a relaxing massage and you will discover that your body loosens up and your muscles relax.

After this we will ask you to go into one of our incubators for the last step in your white bath body service. In this final step, you will get the chance to just sit, incubate and let the effects of our service wash over you. Taking time after such a session is important in helping your body regain its sense of equilibrium. 

Best times to visit the spa?

Our Spa is open from morning till evening. If you intend to come in for the white bath body service, you can come at any time. All we ask is that you give yourself at least an hour to fully enjoy the entire session. 
To get the most out of our white bath body service, ensure that you have had something light to eat before coming. Steaming can cause some people to feel faint. 

How to get to the spa?
Xinh Nguyen Spa is located at 101 Ha Bong, Phuoc My, Son Tra, Da Nang. If you’re in the area, use Google maps to find us. For further directions do not hesitate to give our friendly customer support team a ring at +84 90 506 18 76. 


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