Why Waxing is Important

Benefits which can be Reaped by Waxing at Xinh Nguyen Spa-Da Nang-Vietnam


You might have heard about the good and maybe some negatives about waxing. Let me assure you that it is all good. When you can’t do shaving anymore, then you should embrace waxing. Waxing is a very convenient, cost-effective, quick, and durable method of removing hair. Waxing can be used to remove hair from different body parts. You can comfortably wax eyebrows, back, chest, legs, underarms, and around bikini lines. It is worth putting some rain if you really want to see the rainbow. And therefore, with waxing, you are assured of silky’ smooth skin alongside fine re-growth. Therefore, as a method used to remove hair here are its associated benefits.

-The hair gets to grow progressively Sparser and Finer

This is all as a result of waxing. It breaks the hair from the root, hence making the hair’ follicle to become weaker with time. Weak’ hair follicles bring about sparser, and finer hair. It should be noted that genetics have a hand in determining the characteristics of hair. This includes color, coarseness and the rate of growth. Therefore, you ought not to expect dramatic change’ from course’ to fine in a few appointments. It may take you some good time to record a substantive change.

-The Skin Acquires Gentle’ exfoliation

Waxing usually cuts off the skin’s outermost layer. This makes the skin feel brighter and smoother, remember waxing’ isn’t exfoliation. It is recommendable that one need to exfoliate several times before waxing appointment’ to prepare the skin in advance for the process. Avoid exfoliation during the day of waxing as it makes the skin become more sensitive. Another reason is that in case of redness, it will have decreased by then. Therefore, post-waxing exfoliation is one method of keeping ingrown hair at close bay.

-Skin is less exposed to Inflammation

You realize frequent shaving may lead to chronic’ skin inflammation. The friction between the razor and the skin is likely to cause discoloration and inflammation. This may occur because skin usually reacts to inflammation by growing thicker and melanocyte becomes highly active. Discoloration is highly common among dark’ skins and at times it could be a sign’ of diabetes. This is the main disadvantage of shaving and it can be contained through waxing. A waxing appointment every month exposes the skin to less inflammation and reduced chances of developing inflammation.

-No Risks of Cuts and Nicks

There is a high likelihood of getting cut whenever you use a razor and more when hands are covered in soap and foam. Therefore, if you subject your skin into waxing, the chances of its damage will go down.

-Reduced Prickliness and itching

Shaving can cause a prickly and itching sensation. In waxing, the hair takes more time to access the skin surface, hence assuring you smoother feel for long. It is worth to mention that prickly feeling associated with growing hair can easily be noticed after’ shaving because razor usually cuts the hair in an angle’ and that is why hair is darker. Therefore, once you begin waxing appointment you will be free of prickly sensation. 

-Fewer Chances of Ingrown hair

It is always good to utilize the right waxing’ technique in order to stay away from an ingrown hair. The pull should be very quick and the skin should be held at taut while undergoing the procedure. However, one is prone to ingrown hairs with any method of hair removal. By good luck moisturizing and exfoliation can be of help against the pesky problem.

-Wide Range of Waxes to Choose

You realize, there are several types of waxes offered. This gives your esthetician an opportunity to choose either hard-body waxes and soft-body waxes for huge areas, and the strip wax’ for smaller’ parts such as the’ face. 

-You will Get Attended by a Professional, esthetician

This is one main reason why you need to always select a professional waxing even before you attempt to do any waxing at home. Professionals have knowledge on how to handle each step of the process. They have the right skills and a lot of experience in waxing. Moreover, many of salons nowadays’ provide a full relaxation experience. Therefore, avoid subjecting your skin to risk. Save yourself the hassle’ of waxing at home and visit an expert in waxing.

-Less Re-growth in-Between’ Appointments. 

The main reason why re-growth is not much when waxing is done because hair is usually uprooted. This makes the skin to remain smooth for some time, that is from the period of renewal of ripped hair’ follicle to a period when the hair shaft will reach the surface of the skin. This is a process which only lasts for 3 to 4 weeks. On the contrary, by shaving, the razor will only cut; hair shaft on the surface of the skin. That is why if you have chosen to do waxing more regularly, then you should avoid razor by all means. 


Waxing is known to be one of the highly effective solutions towards hair removal, especially to individuals with highly sensitive skin. The process is very simple because it only involves the application of thick’ wax on the skin’ making hair removal simpler. Therefore, with the above benefits, you should have no doubts about waxing and this is possible by Xinh Nguyen Spa-Da Nang-Vietnam.

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